The Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust website as shown on a laptop and tablet.

See it in action:

The Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust had been building their website themselves in Microsoft FrontPage but wanted a more efficient way to keep their website up to date. They also desired a fresh, mobile-ready frontend.

I was working with Sleeky as web designer and developer at the time, meaning that I was responsible for building the frontend on this project.

I built the charity a custom, responsive WordPress theme (with Underscores boilerplate). This allowed their volunteers to create and update content. I worked alongside with the lead designer to ensure the final build looked top-notch.

I felt that my strongest achievement with the website was creating each sub-section of the website it’s own colour scheme. For example, Links and the navigation area for the ‘Fundraising’ section is in orange, whilst the ‘Treatment Journey’ is in a sky blue.

My biggest challenge was optimising this website for older browsers. At the time, I had recently learned how to use CSS Flexbox to position content. This was helpful for this build as there were many different columns which needed to fill the space left to them by other, taller columns exactly. The website still had to support older Internet Explorer versions (which did not support Flexbox), meaning that I had to spend a lot of time gracefully degrading the experience for users of these older browsers.

The About Us page of the Butterfly Thyroid website as displayed on a desktop device