(Inspired by Paul Jarvis’ ‘The Next Big Thing’ email blog)

We live in an Era of Ephemera, small tidbits of content or nuggets of joy which last temporarily before dissolving, replaced by the next in rapid succession.

Trending hashtags, Snapchats, Viral videos: content is everywhere, but ultimately disposable. Have we reached peak content? Is there now more content than we could ever hope to assume?

In his talk at the Content Marketing Academy 2016 last week in Edinburgh, Mark Schaefer outlined how the quantity of data (specifically on the internet), will increase 500% by 2020 and that right now, content consumption sits at (on average) 10 hours of content per person, per day and growing. This is an unsustainable amount of content to consume, yet we continue to produce it, with the potential audience shrinking day by day. We also continue to consume, even if the amount of content available to us is limitless and overwhelming.

With so much content, how does one even begin to stand out? If you want to create content to communicate with your audience, you need to ‘be more human’.

Put a face, a real name to your content and avoid corporate swill. In this Era of Ephemera, we should be creating content in order to connect, spark conversation and push thinking forward.