Hello, my name is Kerri.

This is my personal website where you can read my blogs, find out about my recent work and find out more about me.

I don’t store any cookies on your device whatsoever when you visit. There are also no crypto-miners or advertising/tracking scripts installed on this website (no, not even Analytics).

By design, I want my personal site to be devoid of as much extraneous bloat as possible!

If you see anything untoward going on whilst you browse this website, you may want to review your enabled browser extensions or ISP policies.

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Find out more

  • Take a look at my CV.
  • Discover some of my most recent projects on my Work page.
  • Read my blogs for an insight into what I’m interested in.
  • Find out what I’m up to right now.


I’ve developed my own ‘house style’ which I use for presentations, this website, and anything related to my career/portfolio.

  • The body font I use is Raleway.
  • The font I use for headings is Bitter.
  • The shade of green I use for links, accents and backgrounds is #007f6e (in Hex). This colour is very closely related to the Pantone 569 coffee mug my mother bought for me which I love.
  • I’m not too attached to the capital ‘K’ symbol used for my emblem, but I’ve not yet been able to think of anything better to use instead. If you have any ideas – please let me know.
  • You can find the full palette of colours I use on COLOURlovers

Tech Stack

  • I built this website using Jekyll in May 2017 after having grown exceptionally tired of WordPress. It was previously hosted on Github Pages, but now I use my own LAMP server for hosting.
  • I’m currently using Ubuntu 18.04 for my primary development environment but also use Mac OS on weekends.
  • I love PhpStorm, but will jump over to Sublime Text if I need to edit a lot of text or write Markdown.
  • I use OhMyZsh in Terminal because it is a fantastic and very handy addition (also, themes).