The Kodak Alaris promotional multi-site as shown on a laptop, tablet and smartphone.

See it in action:

The Kodak Alaris Promotions multi-site enabled customers from 9 different regions to claim money back when they purchased a specific type of printer hardware.

The client required a system for users to register and login, where they could claim on their purchase. After claiming, the customer needed to be able to choose how to receive their reward.

Built by Opia Ltd (who I worked for as a developer at the time), the website needed to allow customers to register an account and decide what to do with their claim from a series of options.

I was responsible for building the frontend in 5 different languages. Additionally, I had to design the login areas which allowed customers to choose which type of reward they desired.

It was a challenge to design a website which had multiple different sections in several different languages. The design team I worked with had provided a great visual to work from, so it was exciting to make that flat image come to life in code.

The language select screen for the Kodak Alaris Promotions website displayed on a desktop device