My relationship with technology (and the internet in particular) is somewhat complicated and often contradictory.

I am part of a generation which grew up around technology. Although the internet wasn’t particularly accessible until I was 10 years old, computers have been around me for as long as I can remember. When I was younger, I was excited by technology and the potential it offered in this brave new world.

Technology was new and exciting, a vision for the future which I wholeheartedly embraced as I entered my teenage years. It was a retreat for me, like many others my age I expect. Throughout my teens video games proved an entertaining and useful way for me to share ideas, communicate and have common ground with my peers.

But then a series of events occurred which has led me to question the use of technology in our lives ever since.

I became aware that my technology use actually prevented me from learning social skills that other people my age were learning for themselves. I began to distrust technology and the internet when it became clear privacy of users wasn’t always at the forefront of the industries concerns.

In some ways, I cannot foresee my life and my work without using technology. I feel like a wizard, or alchemist when I’ve concocted code that does that I want, something that I couldn’t have done before. I feel the buzz every time I make a new website or code something exciting which solves a problem. Yet, on some days, I wish to get as far away from technology as possible.

I expect that one day, I will either have to come to terms with technology use as a means-to-an-end, or leave it behind altogether.