Please don’t cast your vote tomorrow for total and irrevocable regulation of the internet.

Yes, there are plenty of other issues and I know the battle against extremism feels like a bigger issue than personal liberty right now, but I worry so much for our future and our right to privacy.

I wouldn’t usually implore, particularly so publicly, however, I feel quite strongly that the internet remains an open platform for information exchange. The UK government under May will force corporations to openly divulge your information and entire digital footprint without warrant, meaning everything you’ve ever done or said online will be under scrutiny. Every message, every web search, every type of encryption broken, this is not the internet I know and have strived to be a part of since I was young.

We look down on other totalitarian nations such as North Korea or China for preventing their citizens from using the internet freely, yet, we are on track to overtake them. Are we really going to openly give our right to privacy away because we are so desperate to fight extremist regimes our own nations played a major part in creating? Should it not be arms dealers and the 1% who made their wealth through selling arms and destroying the middle east who should answer for this?

This may well be the last thing I ever write publicly online, so I tried to make it count.

Please, if you care about free speech and if you care about transparency - don’t vote for total regulation of the internet tomorrow.