The Roli website as shown on a laptop and tablet.

See it in action:

Much earlier in my career, I worked in the music business for record labels and with their artists. I’ve always had a love for the industry so I jumped at the chance to work with Roli when the opportunity arose.

Roli create electronic musical instruments which are some the most exciting hardware around. Yet, due to the nature of the tech involved, their kit can be rather expensive!

To incentivise sales, Roli collaborated with Opia Ltd (who I worked for as a developer at the time). In doing so, built a promotional website which would reward their customers for buying a new instrument during a set time frame.

The website I built allowed customers to claim money back when they purchased a Roli musical instrument. Operating in 24 regions and 7 languages, each version of the site had to be readable and responsive for users in each region. Not to mention the many devices and displays we had to support!

I was the frontend lead for this project, building the website using Opia’s own Laravel PHP platform. I was in charge of making my own modifications to the platform to work around the parameters of the promotion. I used Bootstrap 3 and VueJS on the responsive frontend to create a pleasing and professional user experience. Optimising for each language was difficult but I was proud of the final result.

I worked with Opia’s design team to ensure the final build was on-brand and pixel-perfect. I’m a keen advocate for high-resolution imagery and icons and I implemented these where possible. Unfortunately, the client did not always provide the correct assets, but I did the best I could with what I had. Our Gulp set up allowed us to minify our assets and ensure the website performed as fast as it could.

The landing view of the Roli Cashback website as displayed in Spanish on a desktop device