Found in our garden this morning.

Despite some of the country continuing to struggle with flooding and in some parts, evacuations from heavy rain, spring appears to be on the way.

The winter is a thief, it steals motivation from days which might otherwise have been filled with productivity and smiles. Winter days are shorter, darker and colder than most others and I find that by the end of Winter, I feel utterly spent and demoralised.

As a child I felt insensitive to the changes in the seasons, if I had to awaken for school during the week - then it didn’t particularly matter if it was warm or cold or if my surroundings were barren or green. Increasingly as I grow older I feel a deeper connection to the seasons and find particular joy in that first sight of new growth, the smell of pollenated air and the lighter mornings of Spring.

Sometimes I feel that I might just hibernate for the Winter, store up a big load of books to read and turn off my email for a few months and wait for this whole season to blow over.