Listed below are some noteworthy projects that I have worked on. This is far from an exhaustive list, but a brief selection.

I have featured some of my recent highlights at the top; with other, older projects listed below. Sometimes, I may unlist old projects from this page entirely if they are no longer relevent - sorry about that.

If you would like a more detailing listing of my employment, find my CV on my About page, or, see my complete career history on LinkedIn.

Featured work


In early 2018, I rebranded the Drugsline charity website with the team at Drew London. I built a mobile-first, frontend for the charity. We used WordPress for the backend to allow for easy content updates by their volunteers.

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Roli Cashback

I worked on a promotional website for Roli during my time at Opia Ltd. The build allows Roli's customers to claim cashback when they purchased a qualifying musical instrument.

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Mobil 1™ Virtual Mastercard

With an expected user-base of over one million across 33 regions, this promotional website for Mobil 1™ was by far the biggest project of my career to date.

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Other projects

  • Talk: Responsive Email Frameworks - How & Why

  • Kodak Alaris Promotions

  • Butterfly Thyroid Cancer Trust